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Circolo Sciatori Madesimo

The ski club in Madesimo since 1911

The story of the Circolo Sciatori Madesimo is encapsulated in these two words. It was established in 1911 during the first ski competitions, thanks to the initiative of some local operators and tourists visiting Madesimo. Initially, it was named Ski Club Vallespluga – Madesimo, but shortly after, its name changed to Sci Club Madesimo, then to Gruppo Sciatori Madesimo, and finally to Circolo Sciatori Madesimo.

Currently, the Circolo Sciatori Madesimo consistently ranks at the top in provincial competitions, with numerous athletes qualifying each year to participate in the final stages of the Regional and Italian Championships in their category. These satisfactory results are the fruit of the hard work of an excellent technical staff. In 1988, the Circolo Sciatori Madesimo was awarded the Silver Star and in 1990 the Gold Cross for Sports Merit, the two highest honours from the Italian National Olympic Committee (C.O.N.I.).

Palio Madesimino:
This event is a competition for Madesimo residents. On a weekday in March, all villagers hit the slopes to compete in the Italo Pedroncelli Memorial. The race consists of a Giant Slalom downhill where teams made up of Madesimo's businesses compete against each other. However, it's not just alpine skiing; various disciplines see residents competing through the tight gates: ski mountaineering, old-ski, or snowboarding.

Jugend Cup:
The project that would become the event most dear to both Madesimo residents and others began to take shape in 1965. It was during the winter of 1965/1966 that the then Board of Directors, along with Engineer Gianmauro Nova, a passionate visitor of the area, thought to create an international competition dedicated to young skiers, involving the five nations of the Alpine Arc. The significant organizational effort culminated on April 2, 1966, with the first “Winter Games for Children” held on the snows of Madesimo. Many champions have linked their first international success in skiing to the Jugend Cup.

This sporting twinning focuses on two ski races, a Special Slalom and a Giant Slalom, and in addition to individual rankings by category, a final team ranking is compiled for the trophy award. Beyond the purely sporting aspect, great importance is given to the relationships among the young participants, for whom the Jugend Cup has undoubtedly been and will be a significant
moment in their growth. The event takes place annually, rotating among the participating locations since its inception: Courchevel for France, Saas Fee for Switzerland, Oberstdorf for Germany, and Schruns for Austria.