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Ebike and mountain biking in Madesimo

Cycling holidays in the Alps in Lombardy

Bike tours in Valle Spluga

Mountain bike and electric bike routes

Cycling tourism in Valtellina and Valchiavenna (home to the famous Tracciolino) is an increasingly popular choice, and in recent years, Madesimo has also become a destination in the Alps for bikers from all over Italy and beyond. The area offers numerous routes for mountain biking in all its forms.

MTB and electric mountain bike (e-mountain bike) enthusiasts can tackle tracks of all levels, from beginner MTB trails to the more rugged and challenging mountain paths. Those who prefer longer, more scenic bike tours, discovering the wonders of nature, will find e-bike routes of varying difficulty and duration for splendid cycling trips in the Alps, without too much strain and with the right amount of physical exercise.

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