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Fishing in Madesimo

Deep-water tourist and sports fishing

Mountain Streams and Alpine Lakes

Where to Fish in Madesimo and Valle Spluga

Mountain fishing is a discipline, or a pastime, depending on how it is practiced, that finds ample dedicated areas and fish-rich alpine lakes around Madesimo and throughout Valle Spluga.

Fishermen in Madesimo are truly spoiled for choice: Lake Montespluga and Lake Isola (with excellent size trout and grayling), Lake Emet, Lake Nero, Lake delle Anatre, Lake Badiscio, Lake Angeloga, and Lake Val di Lei are great spots for fishing trout and other fish, while stream fishing takes place on the Scalcoggia (in the first stretch from the valley floor, a fly fishing no-kill zone, and in the second stretch, free fishing). Trout fishing can also be practiced in the artificial basin of Madesimo, with regular stocking of adult trout, and in the pond of the La Sorgente restaurant (with the possibility of renting fishing rods).


Daily Fishing Permits (from June):
Infopoint Madesimo – Tel: 0343 53015

Other sales points and regulations:
Unione Pesca Sondrio

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