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The Sports Centre in Madesimo

Where to do sports and train in winter and summer

Staying Fit on Vacation

Fitness room, gym, and squash court

Vacationers in Madesimo have a privileged place to engage in physical activity indoors throughout the year: the Sports Centre, open both in summer and winter, available to all those who wish to train, exercise, or simply have fun even during their holidays.

Inside the Madesimo Sports Centre, there is a fitness room with a gym equipped with treadmills and TechnoGym equipment for all body parts, where you can follow your training program, strengthen, or tone your muscles, and a squash court, the sport from which padel originates, where you can organize fun challenges with friends and stay in shape by playing.


Madesimo Fitness Room Price List

Single entry: €8.00

Reduced entry for Madesimo residents and seasonal workers: €6.00

Monthly subscription: €75.00

Reduced monthly subscription: €50.00

10-entry subscription: €60.00

Squash Court Price List

€12.00 per hour (reservation required)

The use of tennis or gym shoes with clear soles is mandatory.

Via degli Argini - Madesimo (SO)