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Trekking in Madesimo

Easy or challenging mountain hikes, conquering the peaks

Trekking Trails in the Alps

Discover the best paths and routes in Valchiavenna near Madesimo

From Madesimo, numerous hiking trails begin that, as they gain altitude, traverse, or reach the natural beauties of Valchiavenna: alpine lakes, waterfalls, ancient woods, breathtaking panoramic views, peaks, and mountain refuges. There are multiple trekking routes of varying lengths and difficulties, making them accessible to everyone: simple mountain trips for families that are short and not very steep or more challenging routes suitable for more experienced and prepared hikers, even to be undertaken over two days with an overnight stay in a refuge.

Before setting out on your mountain excursion, remember to equip yourself with the correct gear, adequately inform yourself about the route, and check the weather forecast (Madesimo, in addition to webcams located throughout the valley, hosts a weather station of the Centro Meteo Lombardo to know the real-time weather situation). The alpine guides of Valchiavenna are available to organize guided trekking excursions.

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