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Il Bucaneve

The Bucaneve bar and restaurant

Local, zero-kilometre cuisine

The Bucaneve Restaurant offers mainly local specialities, with a focus on zero-kilometre products, accompanied by excellent Valtellina wines and Franciacorta sparkling wines. The evening is the best time to enjoy our dishes in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. We also pay special attention to those suffering from coeliac disease: you can enjoy gluten-free pizzoccheri valtellinesi that we prepare on request.

The right atmosphere on the ski slopes

The Bar Bistrot Bucaneve, made of wood and stone, is located on the ski slopes and is perfect for a quick break, to enjoy an energising bombardino (a drink popular in Italy during the winter, especially in ski resorts. It is made by mixing 1/2 Advocaat or eggnog and 1/2 Brandy), or a slice of our homemade cakes. At lunchtime it is ideal for those who want to quickly enjoy a plate of pizzoccheri, polenta and our special,
tasty sandwiches. In the evening, for dinners and small events, you can reserve, just for you, our stube entirely lined with wood from 1793, a unique and exclusive experience. In summer, an aperitif at sunset, on your return from hiking, is a must. We always look forward to our events: torchlight procession, 50 Shades
of Spritz, beach volleyball tournament, mid-August bonfire and….

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Gluten-free menu