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Franco Giacomelli Mountain Guide

Canyoning, telemark, and high-altitude work

A mountain guide specialized in canyoning, telemark, and high-altitude work.

A professional since 1974, Franco Giacomelli has a rich history, including pioneering climbing routes in Masino-Bregaglia in the ‘80s. He authored two climbing guides on the Albigna Group and co-authored the first guide “Excursions in Valchiavenna”. Operating in Alpine Rescue, he is a National Instructor for Alpine and Canyon Rescue. In the winter season, he focuses on ski mountaineering and conducts safety training in snowy environments. He collaborates with National Companies in training personnel exposed to risks in rugged environments. His mountaineering experiences have taken him to climb mountains in Nepal, Pakistan, and South America. In the summer, for over 20 years, he has been dedicated to discovering new canyons and guiding activities.