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Marco Chino Geronimi Mountain Guide

Rock climbing, icefalls, and excursions

Marco Geronimi, known as Chino, has been a Mountain Guide since 2000. His passion for the mountains began in childhood with summer hikes and winter skiing. Around the age of 20, he discovered climbing, influenced by Alpine Guides Renata Rossi and Franco Giacomelli. The climbing areas in Valchiavenna allowed him to rapidly improve his skills, enabling him to open many routes, increasing in difficulty, in Valle Spluga, Val Bodengo, and Val Bregaglia. He opened new routes in high mountains such as Val di Mello, Valmasino Predarossa, and modern routes on the virgin Dell’Averta wall. The difficulty level of the conquered walls constantly increased over the years. Notable achievements include opening a route on the northwest face of Pizzo Badile “Big Beng” and on the north face of Pizzo di Prata “Viaggio sul monte analogo”. In the cold season, Chino expanded his experiences to icefalls, participating in opening some flows in both Valtellina and Valchiavenna. Another expertise is ski mountaineering, a sport combining skiing, mountaineering, and hiking, united by the comfort in nature, something that characterizes Chino, an alpinist and Mountain Guide who, with each excursion, whether on rock, ice, or skis, manages to convey knowledge and passion.