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Moiola Market

Historical food shop

Historical food shop

Historical Shop in the Lombardy Region
Moiola Market in Madesimo stands as a pinnacle in the realm of commercial and artisanal activities, boasting over 50 years of well-documented history.
This commitment has earned the store recognition and inclusion in the special registry promoted by the Lombardy Region.
For over a century, we have passionately dedicated ourselves to promoting a selection of organic and locally sourced products, with a particular focus on “ZERO Kilometer” items. In our assortment, you’ll discover delights such as milk, yogurt, butter, eggs, honey, wine, biscuits, and artisanal pastas.

Our counter is a true treasure trove of valley-made dairy products, including prominently aged cheeses stored in traditional “crotti”, featuring the exquisite Casera DOP and the renowned Bitto DOP. Beyond cheeses, we offer delicacies like authentic artisanal bresaola from Valtellina IGP and the distinctive “brisaola” of Chiavenna, with a subtle touch of smoking.

We go beyond providing high-quality products; we also aim to share our passion for local cuisine with our customers. We offer advice and recipes for preparing typical dishes, such as the famous Chiavennaschi and Valtellinese pizzoccheri, sciatt, chisciol, taroz, and suggest ideal pairings with Valtellina Superiore DOC and DOCG wines.
At Moiola Market, culinary tradition merges with quality, creating a unique gastronomic experience. We welcome you to explore and savor the best our valley has to offer!