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La Gran Bottega

Food and delicatessen products

Genuine products and the best labels in the wine cellar

La Gran Bottega has been in Madesimo since 1987, offering products ranging from gastronomy to typical Valtellinese goods. The store boasts a wide selection of local delicacies, including bresaola, cheeses, cured meats, wines and spirits, flours, Valtellina honey, pizzoccheri, and Prosto biscuits.

This venture began in 1987 thanks to Dario Tognini, who passionately curated and managed the store for two decades. Today, his nephew Francesco carries on the legacy, keeping the tradition of the shop alive with the same dedication as Uncle Dario.

La Gran Bottega doesn’t aim to be a supermarket but rather a return to the old-fashioned corner stores, where human contact is highly valued, and the pursuit of genuine products is at the center of our mission to satisfy customers.

On our shelves, you’ll find a variety of cured meats, with bresaola taking center stage, produced directly by us and aged in the crotti of Chiavenna. Additionally, you can savor the renowned smoked bresaola from the Del Curto Butcher in Chiavenna. We also offer pork, venison, donkey, bacon, coppa, and raw ham, all produced in the Valtellina, as well as the exquisite lardo di colonnata.

Our selection of cheeses is a true strength, with Bitto being the highlight, whether young or aged depending on your preferences. Other cheese treasures include casera, magnocca from Valchiavenna, and numerous dairy cheeses from local mountain pastures. In our rich cheese counter, you’ll also find Scimudin, ricotta from Vallespluga, and Primi Sapori from Valchiavenna.

For wine enthusiasts, La Gran Bottega’s cellar houses the best labels from Valtellina, including Negri, Plozza, Fay, Triacca, Rainoldi, Prevostini, and Conte SertoliSalis. From their finest selections, we offer Sforzato, Sassella, Grumello, Inferno, to the classic Valtellinese table red. Moreover, we boast numerous labels from various Italian regions.

Finally, we offer a home delivery service for the entire municipality of Madesimo, ensuring an extraordinary culinary experience delivered directly to your doorstep. La Gran Bottega is the ideal place to savor the authentic flavors of Valtellina and create special moments with your family and friends.