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Vetrina Macelleria Pandini esposizione

Macelleria Pandini

Sale of Locally Produced Cold Cuts

Traditional Craftsmanship in Bresaola Production

The Pandini Butcher Shop in Madesimo is a business that has upheld tradition for three generations. Our history is woven with genuine passion for the production of bresaola, a product that has been expertly crafted for over 60 years by the skilled hands of our butcher. It is aged and partially smoked with fir, larch, juniper, and laurel wood. We exclusively use selected fresh cuts of top round, sirloin, and walnut to ensure a product of the highest quality.

In our store, you’ll find a selection of our own cured meats and fresh meats from cattle, pigs, and poultry. Our wide range of cold cuts includes bresaola, as well as slinzega, violino, speck, lard, pancetta, and various types of salami.
We offer a variety of typical Valtellina products that represent the territory and traditions of our area. Among them, you’ll discover flours, pizzoccheri, honeys, jams, sauces, Prosto biscuits, bisciola, alpine cheeses, wines, cupeta, and mushrooms for a complete culinary experience.
For enthusiasts of local craftsmanship, we present Valtellina pezzotti, handwoven carpets, handmade wooden cutting boards, and original Lavec items, crafted from soapstone.

We welcome you to our shop to explore the best of our land.