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Pilates and Postural Rebalancing

My name is Federica, originally from Milan but now adopted by Madesimo. I moved to Madesimo in 2018, where I initiated two activities: Pilates classes and summer camps for children.
With a degree in sports and exercise sciences and a master’s in postural rebalancing, I can provide moments of happiness after challenging ski sessions on our slopes. The hectic pace of the workweek often leaves little time for self-care, which is why I decided to offer Pilates, stretching, and postural rebalancing classes specifically on weekends and holidays. The time dedicated to oneself is the most precious, and during a vacation, being able to allocate time to one’s body, especially amidst nature, is the cherry on top for a perfect holiday!

Natura School emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic, almost by chance. The summer of 2020 disrupted plans for everyone, including the organization of summer camps. Social distancing, small groups, and the risk of contagion made it impossible to carry out the usual activities. This led to the idea of conducting an entirely outdoor summer camp, in contact with nature, where I could offer children spending their holidays in Madesimo what my own children experience daily by living in Madesimo.

Activities include walks, picnics in the woods, visits, and conversations with local operators to discover the region’s activities, such as cheese-making, honey production, managing a mountain stable, cultivating plants, understanding forest growth, and recognizing the surrounding flora. Over the years, the program has evolved to include even younger children (from three years old). I have utilized the Madesimo nursery school as a base, a child-friendly and weatherproof space. In the mornings, I set aside time for holiday homework, allowing parents a true vacation. I’ve also incorporated some sports activities like tennis, golf, and ice skating, offering the thrill of experiencing ice in the summer!

Natura School is a “full-time” summer camp, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, allowing children to have new experiences while giving parents a well-deserved break!