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Farmacia Edelweiss

Medicines and products for your well-being

Everything for Wellbeing and Health

Edelweiss Pharmacy in Madesimo is a significant presence within the Lafarmacia pharmacy network, a leading company in the pharmaceutical retail sector. Serving as a reference point for wellbeing and health, it provides patient care and qualified consultations. The goal is to create a unique experience for those entering a Lafarmaciapunto pharmacy, an experience designed to make people feel comfortable and special.

Edelweiss Pharmacy is not just a place of care; it’s an environment where one takes comprehensive care of oneself, 360 degrees. We offer a diversified range of services, from diagnostic tests to genetic testing, including intolerance tests and COVID testing. In addition to these, we also provide earlobe piercing services, demonstrating a constant commitment to offering services that go beyond the mere dispensing of medications.

We take pride in contributing to the goal of promoting people’s wellbeing and health, placing the patient at the center and providing professional and knowledgeable consultations. We are dedicated to offering excellent and personalized service, including our loyalty card. We aim to reward the trust of our customers, offering a world of benefits for their health.

The loyalty card is a passport to access preferential rates and exclusive promotions. Your health is our priority, and we want to reward your trust and commitment to taking care of yourself.