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La Dolce Vita

Bakery, Pastry, and Grocery Store

Bakery, Pastry, and Grocery Store

“La Dolce Vita” is a cherished reference for its array of food products, artisanal bread, and pastries.

Starting from the pastry laboratory, the company has gradually expanded to include bakery products and established its first retail outlet in 2002 in the center of Madesimo. Over the past 20 years, this family-owned business has grown, integrating a bakery and opening a second retail outlet in Madesimo, where the cutting-edge laboratory serves as the operational hub. Thanks to the hard work and passion of Marta and Simone, the two owners, the business has evolved over time, winning the favor of customers in the surrounding areas and enriching its offerings year after year.

Today, the store ensures both tourists and residents access to top-quality products, with a meticulously curated and highly appreciated pastry section. The dedication of Marta and Simone, coupled with that of their collaborators, has transformed this business into a “big family” that puts effort and love into meeting the needs of their cherished customers every day.