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Marco Farina – Osteopath

Osteopath for All Ages

As an osteopath, I work with individuals of all ages, from newborns to the elderly, including pregnant women and athletes. I primarily address postural alterations related to neuro-musculoskeletal issues, which may also involve functional changes in visceral organs and dysfunctions of the craniosacral system. Osteopathy is a diagnostic and treatment system rooted in fundamental sciences and traditional medical knowledge (anatomy, physiology, etc.). It does not involve the use of medications or resort to surgery. Through specific manipulations and maneuvers, osteopathy proves effective in preventing, assessing, and treating disorders not only within the neuro-musculoskeletal system but also in the craniosacral (connection between the skull, spine, and sacrum) and visceral (actions on the mobility of visceral organs) realms.

I am Marco Farina, practicing as an Osteopath after obtaining my D.O. (Diploma in Osteopathy) from AIMO, the Italian Academy of Osteopathic Medicine. In the same year, I earned a BSc Ost (Bachelor of Science in Osteopathy) from BCOM (British College of Osteopathic Medicine).
Together with the medical centers I collaborate with, I actively participate in sports events such as the 100Km of Seregno, various sky races, and mountain trails. By attending the Master in Osteopathy and Neuroscience at the Meyer Pediatric Hospital in Florence, I have furthered my expertise in the pediatric field.
In addition to my work as a professional osteopath, I continue my role as an osteopath trainer, serving as a lecturer in Visceral Osteopathy at AIMO and as a Clinical Tutor at CFTO. I have also obtained a Post Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Education from UCO-University College of Osteopathy.
Since January 2019, I have held the position of Osteopath in the prenatal course “Framework and Management of Postural Changes in Women During Pregnancy” at the Carate Brianza Hospital, a facility belonging to the Vimercate Territorial Socio-Healthcare Company

My services in Madesimo are available throughout the year, with scheduled weekends on a monthly basis and continuous availability during the peak seasons in August and the Christmas holidays.