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Freeride Madesimo

Skiing down in fresh snow

Areas for Freeriders

Off-piste Skiing in Valchiavenna

Freeride skiers are athletes who are not satisfied with groomed slopes and ordinary tracks but love to push beyond the limits to experience new thrills and an unparalleled sense of freedom. The Valchiavenna Ski Area accessible from Madesimo includes several zones for freeriding, from Val di Lei to Pizzo Groppera, with exciting downhills on fresh snow over pristine slopes or through snowy woods, on gradients that are more or less steep, also suitable for perfecting technique with the pure and powdery snow of the Madesimo area.

And for those seeking strong emotions, there is heliskiing, which allows reaching the peaks and the most hidden and inaccessible valleys by helicopter, and for this reason, they are more pristine and untouched.