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Nordic Walking in Madesimo

Snowshoe hikes in the forests of the Spluga Valley

Medium-mountain routes

Where to do Nordic Walking near Madesimo, all year round

There are various ways to enjoy the mountains, all valid and healthful. One of the most beneficial is Nordic Walking, a discipline suitable for everyone that engages about 90% of the body’s muscles and, consequently, allows for physical activity in the open air: it is not just walking in nature, but with the use of poles, Nordic Walking improves posture and coordination, working on complete motor skills that protect the joints and relieve accumulated stress. Additionally, engaging in these walks in the mountains means taking comprehensive care of oneself, achieving an ideal psychophysical balance, breathing clean air, and allowing oneself moments of relaxation at the various rest stops near Madesimo.

The best Nordic Walking routes in Valle Spluga can be found in the Madesimo valley floor, along the Scalcoggia stream, and on the Andossi plateau and, with the right precautions, can be enjoyed in any season of the year.

Contacts for Nordic Walking Madesimo
Emanuele Rotta (Nordic Walking instructor and medium mountain guide) 346 0934756
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