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Speedriding and snowkite in Madesimo

Skiing and flying together: the new dimension of freeride

Extreme winter sports

Off-piste skiing with a sail, kite, or paraglider: flying or surfing on the snow

The thrills of skiing become even more daring, and for adrenaline lovers, intriguing new disciplines are born. In Madesimo, the most extreme freeriders find their thrill: in Val di Lei, speedriding is practiced, which is skiing with a small paraglider to ski off-piste by literally flying over natural obstacles, soaring into flight on skis thanks to the sail.

The plain of the Montespluga dam, on the other hand, is the place to do snowkite near Madesimo: a real kitesurfing on snow, with the kite pulling skiers and snowboarders on the tracks thanks to the wind, among jumps and acrobatics in the air.