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Snowmobile excursions in Madesimo

Guided tours in Valle Spluga in the Alps

Driving on Snow

70 km of snowmobile trails immersed in nature

Among the winter amusements in Madesimo, snowmobiling stands out as an unusual but highly thrilling way to experience the mountain and snow in all its facets. Thanks to a good 70 km of reserved and marked snowmobile trails along the groomed slopes of the Andossi plateau, it is possible to reach alpine destinations of extraordinary beauty such as the Lago Nero dello Spadolazzo, the village of Montespluga, or the Spluga Pass on the border with Switzerland, crossing fairy-tale landscapes among frozen streams, snow-covered woods, and the inevitable ups and downs on snow-covered slopes.

The Team Adventure Madesimo rental offers organized snowmobile excursions accompanied by expert instructors for families, couples, and groups of friends, in maximum safety and on routes of various durations and types, with the possibility for participants to drive the snowmobile (driving license type B and helmet are mandatory) and to dine in a refuge before returning to the valley.