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Discover Madesimo in winter

Skiing, winter sports and Alpine peaks: the perfect ski holiday

Winter experiences and activities

Skiing on the slopes of Madesimo, jumping on the Canalone, adventuring in the snow: all the fun of the mountain

Chills of cold and adrenaline: winter in Madesimo is the right season for those who love strong emotions, high-altitude sports, and the unique sensations that the snow-covered mountains can offer. During the winter months, the snow transforms the slopes of the mountains and the valleys into an exciting open-air alpine amusement park, a true paradise that attracts enthusiasts from all over Europe. In Madesimo, you can ski in every possible way – day or night, on the slopes or in fresh snow, downhill or uphill, with traditional skis or even with a helicopter. But you can also cycle, walk, snowshoe, slide, sled, skate, run, and climb on the snow. Countless snow activities for your adventure vacation.

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